I’ve mentioned the act of entering competitions in Chapter 18 of 101 Distractions, and for most of September I have been taking my own advice. You see, there is this prize that I really, really, really want to win – so much so that it has almost become a bit of an obsession. I never even realised I was this competitive, but here I am checking the entries every day, thinking ‘pah! If they win there is something wrong with the judges’.

It has been an absolutely wonderful distraction – especially after our trip to Spain got cancelled (costing us far more money than it should have done) and then I got a stinking cold the next day. Needless to say I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself, and this distraction is exactly what I’ve needed. My husband will verify that when I’m ill its like living with Missus groucho-grouch the obsessive grouch. If I didn’t have this to focus on, who knows how much I would have wallowed in my own misery (I’ve been pretty good at that in the past!)

The great thing about this particular competition is that it involves being creative (something I absolutely love and recommend without hesitation). It’s not just a ‘fill-out-your-details-and-watch-your-inbox-get-filled-with-spam’ kinda comp, and best of all, I do honestly think I stand a fairly good chance of winning (famous last words eh!) Not many people have entered, and those that have, don’t seem to have read the rules properly (Boo for them, hurrah for me!)

I’m a little embarrassed to say that we’ve (‘we’ because I’ve dragged the whole family in) held off submitting our creation until the last minute – so that others won’t have time to make a better entry when they realise how seriously we’ve taken it. (A perfectionist through and through). Sneaky, huh! We’ve also been very careful not to include any brands or copyright bits, because it seems rather obvious they’ll want to use the winning entry in their marketing dept.

So for now it’s fingers-crossed time and hope that all my hard work pays off next week. I guess I have to accept that even if I don’t win*, the benefit to me has already been paid in the form of the distraction.

*I would be absolutely gutted though!


Comments to "I want to win, I need to win (oh, please let me win!)"

  1. flibbs

    September 24, 2012

    Boo for you, hurrah for me!

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